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Patient convenience for out station patients from Tripura, Bangladesh, Bihar, Jharkhand and various districts of West Bengal

At GDIFR we have devised a structured IVF plan for out station patients to reduce their duration of stay in our centre and make treatment for them as comfortable as possible.

Step 1: Initial Consultation 3 days
You arrive at GDIFR on Day 8 of your period. The day you arrive you undergo several tests.
The tests are:

  • Transvaginal USG for general and follicular study
  • Blood hormonal tests
  • Trial transfer
  • Semen analysis - done only after 3 days of abstinence
The next day the results of the report will come, Dr. Sudarsan will review the reports and formulate your IVF plan. Subsequently you undergo IVF counselling the coming Saturday.

Step 2: IVF treatment 10-14 days
+ IVF stimulation
+ Blood test and follicular monitoring
+ IVF pick up
+ Transfer of fertilised embryo

This stage lasts for 10-14 days.
IVF down regulation starts from day 20 of your cycle to day 30; for 10 days you need 10 injections which can be taken at home.

From day 2 of the next period to day 6 of the next period 4 additional hormone injections to be taken at home as directed by Dr. Dastidar.
Arrive at out centre at day 7 and stimulation upto day 12.

IVF pick up done on day 13 and transfer of embryo done on day 16.


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